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The Burj Al Arab is the only 7-star hotel in the world and is linked with luxury and finesse of the highest level. The hotel is an icon of Dubai's history and culture and it represents Dubai's aim to create new boundaries and benchmarks. Since its opening, this Dubai 7-star hotel has offered only the best facilities in a surrounding of grandeur and elegance. Located in the Jumeriah Beach area, it has made optimum use of this prime location and has occupied the premium position of Dubai's skyline. The Burj Al Arab caters to those who live in luxury and expect to be treated like royalty.

Dubai 7 Star HotelThe hotel has been designed in the shape of a dhow's (Arabian boat) sail. This design is one of the main reasons for the hotel's popularity and is one of the most photographed hotels of the world. The hotel has drawn its strength from this traditional concept and added contemporary innovations to achieve a stunning result. In other words, Burj Al Arab in Dubai has shown people the true Arabian luxury supported by modern conveniences. The hotel's lobby houses a spectacular water feature and two immensely beautiful aquariums. Two escalators lead you to an upper lobby. This area has another water feature and it also leads to the hotel's world famous restaurants. Designer boutiques offering the top international brands are also located on the upper lobby level.

The accommodation in this Dubai 7-star hotel is all suites. Every suite depending on its status, offers state of the art facilities and services to its distinguished guests. The 28-double storied building has 202 bedroom suites, the smallest being 170 sq meters and the largest suite is a massive 780 square meters. The accommodation includes one bedroom deluxe suites, two bedroom deluxe suites, panoramic suites, club suites, diplomatic suites, presidential suites and royal suites. The degree of opulence gradually increases as you go higher in class and you will find only majestic elegance befitting those who are of royal blood.

Every room has an individual butler service, top quality dining facilities and everything to ensure 100 per cent privacy. At Burj Al Arab - the Dubai 7-star hotel, guests can also indulge in several activities. If you are not relaxing in leisure in your hotel room, you could visit the surrounding areas which offer a host of entertainment options like deep sea fishing, sailing, surfing, kayaking, paragliding and windsurfing.

The elite guests of this Dubai 7-star hotel are offered airport limousine transfers in Rolls Royce and a golf cart to visit nearby places of interest. Burj Al Arab offers an international ambience to the guests. The multi-national guests can feel right at home because the hotel's staff speak at least 15 foreign languages. With a magnificent view of the Persian Gulf and Dubai city's splendid skyline, the hotel is now a point of reference for other hotels in the world. With all of them determined to reach Burj Al Arab's level, this hotel undoubtedly remains the most brilliant and luxurious in the world.

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