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Activities near Dubai 7 Star Hotel

The Burj Al Arab is a 7 star super luxury hotel in Dubai, making it the highest rated hotel in the world. Located a few hundred meters from the Jumeirah shoreline and into the Persian Gulf, it is surrounded by the glistening waters and shimmering sands of the desert. This interesting landscape combination makes this Dubai 7 star hotel a playground for several entertainment and recreational activities. There are a lot of things that can keep guests busy in and around the hotel. Facilities for water sports, access to the famous Wild Wadi Waterpark, Dubai golf courses, sightseeing and shopping at of course, the best places makes every guest feel special and relaxed.

Burj Al Arab's guests can avail the water sports' facilities at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. They include outdoor and indoor swimming pools, windsurfing, waterskiing, snorkeling, diving, hobie cat sailing. Kneeboard and banana boat rides, kayaks, deep sea fishing, yacht charters, luxury motor yacht cruises, scuba diving courses etc are some of the water adventure sports guests can indulge in. If guests don't feel like exerting themselves with these activities, they can just enjoy a few drinks by the pool and laze around in the warm sun.

If guests are looking for dare devilry and total adventure, the Wild Wadi waterpark is just a buggy drive or short walk away. Guests of Burj Al Arab can enjoy unlimited access to this “wild” park which is an outdoor park filled with water games and sports. It has a heated as well as cool wave pool, more than one gigantic slide and two artificial surfing machines. The park is known to have the largest water slide outside of North America. The rides are called Master Blaster, Ring Rides, family ride, Jumeirah Sceirah, Flow Rider, Breaker's Bay, Juha's Journey, and Juha's Dhow and Lagoon.

Golf being one of the rich man's sports, Burj Al Arab offers this pastime to the richest people in the world. Since a majority of the guests are highly distinguished personalities, they can be spotted at the Montgomerie Golf Course and the Emirates Golf Course. They are offered total access to these prestigious golf courses.

Dubai city offers a variety of activities for its tourists. In this city tradition meets modernity and luxury with open arms and tourists experience a feeling of awe and excitement when they encounter what Dubai has to offer. Guests of Burj Al Arab can visit the Heritage Village, the Dubai Museum, Gold Souk and world class art galleries. Dubai is the hub for several world level events and they draw a lot of crowds. Guests can drop in at these events to witness their splendor. A trip to Dubai is not complete without a Desert Safari, check out the best things to do in Dubai!

People staying at the Burj Al Arab can shop to their heart's content as the hotel offers top class boutiques. Guests can take their pick from designer jewelry, branded time-wear, luxurious cosmetics and fashion accessories, and choicest perfumes from Paris. Guests can also buy the limited edition miniature hand crafted Swarovski crystal Burj Al Arab. At the Dubai 7 star hotel, there is no end to luxury and opulence. Be here to marvel at its true magnificence.

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