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Bars at Dubai 7 Star Hotel

The words ‘Burj Al Arab' need no elaboration. The Dubai 7 star hotel – the highest rated hotel in the world offers opulence and comfort of the highest level. With gold, leopard print and marble being the basic theme of the hotel, you could not expect the dining options to be any lesser. The hotel's bars are equally luxurious and be sure that you'll be treated like royalty here, just like the other guests. You would probably recognize several high profile businessmen, princes and princesses from royal families as well as celebrities with bottomless bank accounts. Bur Al Arab has three bars – Juna Lounge, Sahn Eddar and Skyview Bar.

Juna Lounge: The Juna Lounge is Burj Al Arab's cocktail bar and it offers a wide selection of drinks and smokes. The hotel's elite guests and high profile gentlemen can meet for casual talks over the finest scotch and rarest whiskies. The most fragrant Cuban cigars are offered at the Dubai 7 star hotel's bar. In the midst of rich and luxurious ambience, the Juna Lounge serves as the ideal place to relax from mundane stress and worries. Guests above the age of 21 can gather here for pre and post dinner drinks. The bar is located on the ground floor next to Al Mahara restaurant.

Sahn Eddar: Sahn Eddar is a café and lounge bar. Translated as “Reception of the House”, it is located on the same floor as the atrium, this is one of the most striking areas of the Dubai 7 star hotel. In other words, Sahn Eddar is near the hotel's entrance. Over the finest wines, warm teas and finely brewed coffee guests can watch the water fountain shoot up towards the peak of the Atrium. The ambience is pleasing and indulgent, perfect for lazy afternoons and warm nights. The café and bar is open from 7 am to 11.30 pm.

Skyview Bar: If you want to be on top of the world, sipping drinks in the most luxurious hotel in the world – make a reservation at the Skyview Bar. The bar is suspended 200 meters above sea level promising you spectacular panoramic views of Dubai's skyline. From the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab watch the lights twinkle in the distance on the Persian Gulf and sip wonderfully blended cocktails. This Dubai 7 star hotel has the choicest selection of drinks and the Skyview Bar is no exception. The bar is opened from noon to midnight every day.

Since the bars are frequented by gentlemen who follow the highest level of etiquette and dress with impeccable taste, guests are requested to wear formal and semi formal attire. This includes a shirt with a collar, long trousers or smart jeans and closed shoes. Trainer shoes are not considered appropriate for the bar at Burj Al Arab. The bars' entertainment options vary from live performances by known artistes as well as simple background music. So, step into the bars at the Burj Al Arab. Shake a hand or two of VVIPS and you too can feel like one.

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