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Cuisine at Dubai 7 Star Hotel

Burj Al Arab is the most luxurious hotel in the world and its restaurants offer cuisines prepared in the most superior manner by the greatest chefs. Here is a sneak peek into the otherwise impenetrable portals (for ordinary people, i.e.) of this Dubai 7 star hotel. Al Iwan is the royal dining hall. Here guests can sample the local Arab as well as international cuisine made by the finest chefs in the world. The Al Iwan is located on the first floor or in the heart of Burj Al Arab's atrium. The restaurants of the Dubai 7 star hotel have magnificent entrances and Al Iwan has a spectacular reception area in the form of golden pillars and a massive water fountain.

If you want an unobstructed view of Dubai's impressive skyline, reserve a table at Al Muntaha. Literally translated as “The Ultimate”, this sky view restaurant offers panoramic vistas of the Persian Gulf as well as the glistening shoreline of the city. In this Burj Al Arab restaurant you can savor modern European delicacies and then enjoy drinks at the Sky View Bar. The restaurant is located on the 27th floor.

Dubai 7 Star Hotel CuisineHere's another extreme. While the Al Muntaha is at 200 ft, the Al Mahara is an undersea Burj Al Arab restaurant. Since it is below sea level, the restaurant offers delectable sea food to its distinguished patrons. Sea food is cooked in Chinese as well as Western styles. At the same time, guests can enjoy a 360 degree view of undersea life. For those who love stats, the restaurant houses an extremely large aquarium which holds 990,000 liters of water. To withstand the pressure, the tank is made of acrylic glass which is more than 7 inches thick.

Sahn Eddar is a coffee shop at the base of the world's tallest atrium. Here guests can lounge around, sipping tea or other beverages and listen to soft lilting tunes playing in the background. Surrounded by mosaics and torch lighting playing magic on the ambience, guests can witness the water columns shooting 32 meters high towards the peak of the Dubai 7 star hotel's atrium.

Bab Al Yam or “The Sea's Door” offers an informal dinner ambience to the guests of Burj Al Arab. This cafe is located next to the swimming pool at the base of the hotel. This outdoor cafe's décor is designed along the lines of a green oasis. Sample the choicest American breakfast buffet as well as several courses of an a la carte menu.

For an Oriental experience in the midst of the Middle East, guests are warmly welcomed to Junsui. The Japanese word for pure, Junsui offers authentic Japanese and other Far Eastern culinary delights. Twelve live cooking stations run by 45 world renown chefs makes it one of the most interactive restaurants of Burj Al Arab.

The Majlis Al Bahar is the ideal place to enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one, while the Juna Lounge is for kicking back and relaxing over scotch and cigars. At the end of the day, the Dubai 7 star hotel wishes to provide the high-profile guests the luxury they deserve.

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