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Shopping at Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab Hotel is owned and operated by the Jumeirah Hotel Group, Dubai's most famous hotel groups that has just competed its brand new hotels in various countries of Europe and in South East Asia. Burj Al Arab, which is called "the only 7 Star hotel" in the worldl. Naturally, Burj Al Arab represents the real Dubai luxury lifestyle with its neo-Baroque interiors, first class luxury restaurants, also offering countless chances for luxury shopping, with its first class jewellery and fashion stores inside. Let us see what do we find when we go shopping within Burj Al Arab.

Burj Al Arab is one of the extreme looking hotels in the world and it is also among the tallest hotels worldwide. The hotel was built with the intention of becoming a trademark building for Dubai and as if in a fairy tale, it happened just like that. The British designing and architecture office can be very proud of their hard efforts. There is no other hotel in the world that would look like Burj Al Arab. The huge hotel is located about two hundred metres from the shore of Jumeirah Beach on a tiny island which is just as big as the base of the hotel, making it look like a giant glass spaceship which has landed in the sea. The original idea behind the shape of Burj Al Arab had been the dhow, this Arabic style vessel that has been serving local merchants for several centuries now with their import-export operations. Burj Al Arab with its sky-high prices is definitely the hotel of the rich. Its rooms and restaurants are non-stop booked so it is rare to get in this hotel for something different than shopping. So, let us see what we find if we come to Burj Al Arab with the intention of shopping jewellery. Dubai jewellery is beautiful with outstanding forms and quality as Dubai puts extreme efforts in selling the best all around the Emirates.

First of all Jumeirah Hotel Group which includes Burj Al Arab in Dubai has made a specific deal with the worldwide known crystal and jewellery brand Swarovski. Swarovski is extremely popular and expensive manufacturing all of its items mainly with their beautiful handmade crystals that look just like diamonds. Swarovski, together with Jumeirah Group has created the alone standing Swarovski version of Burj Al Arab, which if you want to buy you can only do it within the Burj Al Arab and Souk Madinat stores of Swarovski. The limited collections are especially tempting for rich collectors and therefore they mean an extreme business possibility for both parties. The Swarovski version of Burj Al Arab has punctually made the little crystal building as 1mm -1 metre. The exclusive statue costs AED 4.250 within Burj Al Arab.

Other than shopping at Swarovski, you can find further great gold jewellery possibilities in the stores of Damas Les Exclusives, the most prominent jewellery brand of Dubai, the Chopard Jewellery store that is selling probably the most beautiful haute couture jewellery in the world and the Dianoor Designer Jewellery. If you are looking for the best luxury watches, then visit the Burj Al Arab store of Paris Gallery, Bvlgari, Bin Hendi Watches and the store of Prima Gold.

As you see, Burj Al Arab Hotel has quite an extensive variety of jewelry and quality watches stores all inside, which is a rare thing even for a luxury hotel. One thing for sure: once you are so lucky to stay within Burj Al Arab, you can be sure to afford some of its best gold jewellery too.

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