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Dubai 7 Star Hotel Suites

If you are planning to stay at the Burj Al Arab, here is an overview of the suites and their facilities. The Dubai 7 star hotel is a suite only hotel and decor and amenities get even more luxurious as the class of the suites increase. The suites are lavishly decorated and no expense is spared when it comes to the comfort of the guests.

One Bedroom Deluxe Suite: This 170 square meter suite is a two floor suite with the living and entertainment quarters are on different levels and are separated by a grand spiral staircase. The lower level includes the dining area, a private bar and lounge space. The upper level includes a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom.

Two-Bedroom Deluxe Suite: The two bedroom deluxe suite offers ample opportunity to sit back and relax in total style. The 335 square meters space includes a living room with lounge, dining table for 6, kitchen, office with a chess table on the lower level. Once you take a flight of stairs leading to the upper level, you find a two bedroom (one master and twin bed suites). This suite has a separate butler entrance.

Panoramic Suite: As the name suggests, this suite offers guests a 180 if not 360 degree view of the Gulf yes, on both the levels. The lower level is the living and dining area complete with a private bar counter. The upper level houses a magnificent bedroom with an equally luxurious bathroom.                             

Club Suite: This is the ideal suite for a corporate gentleman. This 330 square meter suite offers views of both the sea and the desert. Apart from the lounge, dinner table, guest washroom the lower level has a snooker table and a cocktail bar. The upper level has a fashionable loft with a sitting area, dressing space, a bedroom and an opulent bathroom.

Diplomatic Suite: Ambassadors, top-level bureaucrats, important political personalities, et al, can be found enjoy a few well-earned pleasures at the Diplomatic suite. This suite is spread over an area of 670 square meters and the lower level has 3 living areas, an 8-seater dining table, kitchen and private butler entrance, study and library, private bar, and a bedroom with twin beds. The upper level includes 2 master bedrooms and bathrooms.

Presidential Suite: This 667 square meter suite is located on the 24th floor of the Burj Al Arab. The Majlis is the specialty of the suite. The suite offers second to none luxury in the form of marble bathrooms with a spa bath and walk-in shower as well as fine porcelain fittings adorn the Presidential suite.                                         

Royal Suite: If you want the highest levels of luxury in the whole world, the Royal Suite at the Burj Al Arab is where you should be. From a rotating canopy bed to a gold and marble staircase, this 780 square meters of majestic space is located on the 25th floor.

From plush king sized beds to spacious bathrooms complete with Hermes beauty products and not to mention airport transfers in a Rolls Royce, the distinguished guests of Burj Al Arab are offered only the best.

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