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Dubai Travel

When you are all set for your Dubai travel, you should be very clear about the rules and regulations applicable at Dubai. It is better to know these do's and don'ts, so that you can avoid facing any awkward situation at a foreign country.

Since you are visiting a foreign country, always keep your important documents like passport, visa, insurance papers etc. in a safe and secured place. It is advisable to keep photocopies of these documents in a separate place.
Maintain a list of emergency phone numbers, in case you face any unwanted hassle during your Dubai travel. Also, collect the contact numbers of your hotels prior to leaving your country, so that your family members can contact you, whenever required.
Exchange your money only from the authorized centers or Banks. Dubai is the place for all major international currencies and you will receive different types of rates if you exchange from local money exchangers.
It is always safe to carry bottled water, whenever you are out of your country. Though you may get filtered water for drinking in the hotels and restaurants, you can never guarantee the quality of tap water.
For your Dubai travel, you must carry hats, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion. Otherwise, it will be very critical to tolerate the severe heat and bright sunshine.
Whenever you hire a cab for commuting within the city, keep changes or smaller amount notes, as most of the taxi driver in Dubai is always short on changes for amount less than 50 AED.
Tips are accepted in the restaurants. Usually, 15% of the total bill is the normal standard of paying tips.

It is advisable not to plan your Dubai travel during the Ramadan days. During the Ramadan period you can not eat, drink or smoke in public places as the Muslim people fast in the daytime to follow certain religious restrictions.
Carrying illegal drugs in Dubai is a serious offense, which may lead to sentence in jail or even death penalty.
Do not hurt or insult the common religious and cultural values of the local people.
Do not show much of your skin by wearing scanty clothes. Men should not keep bare upper portion and women should cover their shoulder, while they are outside. Being a Islamic country, Dubai is very strict about the dress code in the public places.
Any type of public display of affection is not permitted in Dubai, so it is better to control your passion while you are outside.
Do not bring any uncensored or adult magazines or movies while coming to Dubai.
You may take photographs during your visit to this country, however do not try to take photographs of Muslim women or any governmental place like airports, military bases, industrial places etc.
Touching anyone's head or using your left hand to greet other people can be considered as a serious offense at Dubai.
Sunbathing is the most common activity in the beaches of Dubai, however you can not enjoy topless sunbathing as it is strictly prohibited throughout the country. Even the private beaches also do not permit this.

Always remember the above tips while roaming around in Dubai and make your Dubai holiday a safe, hassle free and unforgettable experience.

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